Marine engine controls & instrumentsMurphy displays, instruments and control panels are used in marine applications from leisure cruisers and sailing yachts through to commercial vessels and workboats.

Our product range includes:

  • Marine displays, gauges and control panels for the latest ECU-driven, J1939 and NMEA2000 CANbus compatible engines and devices.
  • Environmentally sealed, mechanical and electric gauges and Swichgages for non-ECU/CAN (mechanical) engines.
  • Single sender, dual gauge instruments for engine room and bridge.
  • Marine engine monitoring systems, including gauges, controllers and custom panels.

For the vessels with the latest CAN (SAE J1939 and NMEA2000) engines and control systems, Murphy offer:

  • HelmView and PowerView® displays. Environmentally sealed front and back, with bonded screens for ultra-clear day and night visibility. Choose from standard plug-and-go models, or use our PowerVision Configuration Studio for total OEM control of display graphics and integration with your vessel's CAN, engine and control systems.
  • PowerView® analogue gauges, in a range of lens/bezel styles and colours, give additional 'at-a-glance' indication where needed. Fit to the bridge and/or engine room using a simple 4-wire CAN or RS485 network.
  • Input/ouput modules: integrate your vessel's CAN and Power Distribution systems with switches, sensors, controls and loads.

Our J1939 and NMEA 2000 compatible components are also available in full integrated panels for sailboat, motor cruiser or workboat builders. Murphy can supply both standard, 'plug-and-go' models or OEM-specified custom panel solutions.

For traditional (non-ECU/CAN) engine technologies, Murphy provide electric and mechanical instruments and components for the monitoring, control and fault protection of engine 'vital-signs': pressure, temperature, fluid level, speed and vibration.

HelmView HVS450 colour display

IX3212 PDM Power Distribution Module





MRP300 marine engine control panel

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Displays: for engines/vessels with CAN SAE J1939, NMEA2000 and freeform data networks.
HVS450 full colour engine & vessel data display HelmView HVS450 - 4.3" WQVGA colour display for CAN J1939/NMEA2000 engine and vessel data. Pre-configured for commercial marine applications.
PV780 engine and vessel display PowerView PV780 - 7" WVGA display for CAN J1939/NMEA2000/freeform engine and vessel data. OEM-configurable with our PowerVision Configuration Studio®.
PV450 full colour engine & vehicle data display PowerView PV450 - 4.3" WQVGA colour display for CAN J1939/NMEA2000/proprietary engine and vessel data. OEM-configurable with our PowerVision Configuration Studio®.
PV350 / PV380 monochrome CAN J1939 NMEA2000 displays PV350/PV380 - 3.8" / 97 mm QVGA monochrome display for J1939/NMEA2000/proprietary engine and vessel data. OEM-configurable with our PowerVision Configuration Studio®.
PV101 engine and vessel display PV101 - PowerView® display module for CAN J1939 engines
Powerview PV25 PV25 - Diagnostic module for CAN J1939 engines

- For CAN data networks:
PVCAN gauges for direct J1939 connection PVCAN series - Premium PowerView® analogue gauges, for direct connection to J1939 CAN networks. IP68 sealing, front and back.
PVA Premium gauges for PowerView displays PVA series - Premium PowerView® analogue gauges and audible alarm, for RS485 connection to PowerView displays. IP68 sealing, front and back.
PVM gauges for PowerView displays PVM series - Streamlined PowerView® analogue gauges, RS485 connection to PowerView displays.
- For mechanical (non-ECU) engines:
EG21 / EGS21 series electric gauge for marine applications EG21 and EGS21 series - 2" electric gauge and Swichgage®, environmentally sealed, driven by resistive senders (including single senders for driving two gauges, engine-room and wheelhouse).
A20 environmentally sealed mechanical Swichgage A20 & A25 series - environmentally sealed mechanical pressure and temperature Swichgage® with polycarbonate case and insulated switch wiring. Gauge-only options.
Exhaust pyrometers Exhaust pyrometers - for monitoring exhaust gas temperature, thermocouple driven
AT series analogue tachometers Tachometers - magnetic pickup pickup or alternator driven, analogue or digital readout, with optional hours run meters and limit switches.

Input/output modules:
for interfacing electronic engine, ECU or CAN devices with analogue/switch input and output signals.
IX32 input/output and power distribution module IX3212 - 32 channel input/output and power distribution module, 15A per channel, 70A max. Fully integrated with HelmView or PowerView displays and PowerVision Configuration Studio®.
XM500 CAN J1939, input, output module XM500 - CAN/I/O module, max 11 inputs/2 outputs, customised to OEM requirements
CANdrive J1939 to electric gauge interface CANdrive™ - Reads CAN J1939 data, then drives standard electric gauges and tachometer. Optional fault indication. May be used to integrate ECU-based engines into existing control systems, or to provide new, economical intruments.
MeCAN MEC300 J1939 input output interface MeCAN™ - Converts analogue pressure, temperature and speed signals into CAN J1939 data. Intergrates older engines with the latest CAN-based displays and controls.
SenderCAN resistive sender or switch input to J1939 CANbus converter SenderCAN® - CAN/I/O module, max 4 inputs/2 outputs, customised to OEM requirements
Fluid level control:
BLSK1 fluid level control BLSK1 - bilge level switch system
DF755 hydrostatic pressure fluid level switch DF series - hydrostatic head-pressure switches, for tank level control.
Engine/vessel-mounted sensors and actuators:
ES2T pressure sender Sensors and limit switches: for pressure, temperature and speed.
RP2300 series push/pull solenoid Actuators: for mechanical engine fuel control.
SV series solenoid fuel valve Valves - solenoid and control valves for engine fuel
Marine engine panels:
MRP300 marine panel MLP and MRP series panels for mechanical (non-ECU) marine engines.